surface detail
surface detail

crystallization process
crystallization process

Max 4 Live Interface
Max 4 Live Interface

surface detail
surface detail





Wissmuth (White Mass)

We look upon the world and see its patterns: patterns of light, patterns of dark, patterns of motion, and of stillness. And there are those, which we don’t see or perceive as promptly; and that invisible portion of information is rather stimulating for our memory containers(brains). Each pattern -visible or invisible, moving or inert - constitutes a form, which has the potential to be decoded, encoded, and transformed to new architectures of information. When a well defined information can be perceived, a territory for alternative ways of communication can be manifested.

The piece invites the audience to create instant forms by gently touching the clear liquid inside 3 acrylic domes. The surface can be touched at a single point, or as many as the user wishes. Once the liquid is touched, a simple chemical reaction occurs and the liquid begins to crystallize, to become fully solid. Each reaction in each bowl occurs at different pace. As the reaction is happening, a camera below the bowls capture the realtime growth of the crystals, and using that visual data, the computer uses an algorithm to map that data on to sound data in Max 4 Live. By displaying the very visual forms to the ear, the piece seeks to find a therapeutic manner of experiencing and expressing the meaning of a form; finding a wave-form for every change and motion where numbers construct the sacred set of data. 

The transformation of data from one form to the other is a main interest; this piece is an attempt of “sonification” by computer vision. It is aimed to be developed to become an instrument to create perceptual links between senses.


Sodium Acetate


Clear Acrylic





Flourescent Lights


RCA, London


Winter 2015